Hair Weave Catalogue

Our Hair Weave Catalogue is composed of a large and diverse selection of weave textures and patterns. Kinky Curly Weaves' Hair Weaves are among the highest quality weave on the market. Please select the type of weave you are looking for below, by selecting one of our weave catalogues. These catalogues are grouped into the following categories: Straight or Natural Weave, Wavy Weave, & Kinky Curly Weave.  In addition, we offer three different shades for each weave. These shades include Jet Black #1, Off Black #1B, and Mochachino Black #1C. If we do not have your color, please send us an email for a special request, or feel free to dye the weave yourself. We also offer several different lengths, including 14 inch, 16 inch, 18 inch, 20 inch, 22 inch, and 24 inch  for each weave type. Lastly, each weave item is considered one bundle. It is reccomended to get at least three bundles for a full set of hair. If you are blending, then you would only need one to two bundles. If you do want a full set of hair using our weaves, then it is reccomended to use three different lengths. For example, if you wanted 24 inch hair, then it is best to get one 24 inch bundle for the bottom, one 22 inch bundle and one 20 inch bundle for the top of your hair.