The Kinky Curly Weaves Cotalogue

Our store provides a diverse catalogue of weave hair textures, and is the perfect place to buy kinky curly hair weave textures. All weave sets are produced with the highest grade of human hair on the market, by strictly sourcing 100% Virgin Mongolian Kinky Curly Hair. If you were unaware, mongolian curly hair is the most ideal hair type for this type of weave, due to the hairs ability to provide the natural kinky curls that our clients seek. Some may say that it is better to buy a Bohemian kinky curly weave, due to the rich texture and thickness of the hair. However, after many tests, we have concluded that Mongolian hair is just as rich and thick, while also being more suitable for curled hair extensions, due to its natural kinky and curled patterns. Not to mention, this type of hair is also ideal for kinky curly weave hairstyles, as the hair is very versatile, allowing it to form many different styles. Check out our curly weave textures in our Kinky and Curly Weave Catalogue or If your looking for something a little less curly, you can always check out our Straight and Wavy Weave Catalogue, which includes our loose wave weave, body wave weave and deep wave weave. Our hair weave store also includes other popular textures, such as straight weave, afro weave, natrual hair weave, deep curly weave, and loose curly weave. So you can rest assured, that whatever weave texture your looking for, you will be sure to find it here.

We would also like to announce the introduction of our new line of kinky curly clip in extensions. All of our weave textures will now be offered as clip ins, Simply click the “clip in” option on the product page to have your weave transformed into clip in hair extensions. The Clip Ins will come in 90-120 gram bundles depending on the length you choose. Prices are the same as the weave bundles. We are supplying this option as many of our clients enjoy being able to add more volume to their weaves when needed. We hope you enjoy our kinky hair clip ins, only from KinkyCurlyWeaves!

Please take a look at our weave detail summary section further down the page If you are uncertain about the the type of weave texture you want. However, If you already have a good idea, simply click one of the weave hair options directly below.