About us

We love beauty, we love hair, and we love Weaves! We are a passionate team of salon hair experts that have sourced the best virgin Mongolian kinky curly hair on the planet to bring you the best weave possible. 

Kinky Curly Weaves was created to provide the largest selection of Weaves on the interenet, while also providing high end quality. The company began in 2016, and plans to become the authority website for providing hair weave options for clients around the world. There are very few options online that provde a large selection of weave options, with high quality virgin hair. For this reason, Kinky Curly Weaves  was created to fill this voide, by providing high quality weave options to its clients for the best price possible. 

The team is fairly large, possesing years of salon, wig and weave expertise. This experience is neccesary to source the best hair available, while also providing strgon customer service. We make it a priority to answer all questions from our clients professionally and quickly. We do this because we know our products are important to our clients, and we want to ensure that our client are getting the best weave possible for their requirements. 

The reason we started a weave business is because the staff here is passionate about beuty. We love fashion, and we love transforming the look of our friends and clients, and what better way to transform someones look, then to provide a high quality hair weave, and advise how to style, care, and utilize the product. 

We plan to be a leader in this industry, and with our experience and hard work, we are more then confident this dream can become a reality. With dedication and passion for hair, and beuty we will be the number one weave retailer on the internet. 

If you have a passion for hair, give us a message, or drop us a comment on our facebook page. We would be happy to chat with you and talk about the best weave options for you. We think its important to interact with our clients and learn what they think we should do to improve. So if its adding more weave textures, improving on a weave we already offer, or even adding a whole new product range, we would love to hear about it. 

Feel free to contact us at support@kinkycurlyweaves.com for any questions about our company, or Weave products, and we will be happy to help.