hair weave details

Top of Weft is Exquisite & Neat 

Top Weft Feature #1: Tight Cuticles

Top Weft Feature #2: Double Drawn Weft

Top Weft Feature #3: Neat

Top Weft Feature #4: Tangle Free

Top Weft Feature #5: Shedding-free

High Quality Cuticle Hold

Cuticle Hold Feature #1: Remy Drawn allowing for a unilateral cuticle direction

Cuticle Hold Feature #2: High elasticity creating a healthy and bouncy effect

Cuticle Hold Feature #3: Life Time More then 18 Months

Healthy Ends

Hair End Feature #1: Full & Thick
Hair End Feature #2: No Split Ends

Detailed list of Features about Hair Weave Sets




Details on Double Drawn Hair Weave

Double Drawn for a Thick Full Look


Our weave sets are Double Drawn, meaning the extensions are thick from top to bottom. The illustration to the left depicts a double drawn weft. As you can see, the weft is thick from top to bottom. The reason for this is because hair strands are rarely of the same length when single drawn, as shorter strands are left on the weft, thus creating thinner ends at the bottom of the extensions. By adopting the double drawn process, the hair strands are all the same length, allowing the weave to be thick thoughout. In addition, this double drawn process allows for the best kinky curly hair for weaving. All of these factors significantly increases the quality of the weft and provides a more full and luxurious look.