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High Quality Virgin Mongolian Hair Weave

We utilize virgin Mongolian hair to create our weft sets. If you are unfamiliar, virgin Mongolian hair is the highest quality of human hair on the market. It is unprocessed and comes from a single donor. The fact that the product comes from one donor, means that no dyes or chemicals are required, unlike mixed blends which sometimes require these synthetics to ensure all hairs in the wig feel and look the same.  Additonaly, the hair from these single donors are so healthy that no further processing is required, such as softeners, perms and hard washes. When we select our virgin hair, the donor is required to have long, full, thick and healthy hair, that is then cut from their pony tails. Although this process of selecting virgin hair is more expensive and maticulous, in the end it is worth it because the weft lasts longer, is of the highest quality, and provides the best kinky human hair weave possible. 
The quality of our product is further improved because we use a remy curly weave processing technique. The remy curly weave processing technique allows all of the cuticles not to be damaged or impaired in any way (Glam Seamless, 2015). The preserved hair cuticles are then aligned in a unidirectional manner, allowing for less tangles, a natural appearance and blending . The combination of virgin Mongolian hair and our remy processing technique allows our Mongolian weft to be among the top quality brands on the market. 

Soft Natural and Healthy Hair Extensions

We also utilize a gentle and eco friendly processing technique that ensures the hair extensions remain soft, healthy, natural and chemical free. Our processing technique involves the use of eco friendly ingredients and a slow coloring bath, to ensure the natural weft remains the same quality after coloring. We also do not use silicone, or any other shinning or protective synthetics. We can do this because our processing techniques, and hair sourcing produces high quality natural hair extensions, which do not require further chemical refining.



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