Straight & Wavy Weave Catalogue

Take a look at our three wavy weave textures, which includes our body wave weave, Loose Wave Weave, and Deep Wave Weave. If your looking for something a little less wavy, take a look at our natural hair weave. If your looking for a very straight look, then the Straight Weave is for you. Please take a look at these weave textures below.



Body Wave Weave Details

If your looking for a full, bouncy and smooth hair Weave, then the Body Wave Weave should be your go to. Enjoy this natural looking, easy going hair weave that is easy to style. A perfect example of this hair style is Blake Lively, with her natural Body Wave Hair


If your hair is normally wavy informs S-shaped curls you have what we call type 2a hair. With this type of hair, it styles easily and is easy to manage. However, people with type 2a hair find it difficult to get the appearance of volume and definition.

This is where a wavy weave can help out. They are often made from natural hair, the best comes from Brazil, and the hair is cut such that the alignment of the original hair is maintained.

From there it can be attached using a variety of techniques one of which called the "Fusion" allows it to be attached to a person's normal hair using what appears to be a hot glue gun. However, the hair weave looks completely natural and is indistinguishable from your normal hair in texture and color. For you, in the home, you can attach these weeds using micro clips as well as micro rings and get the same effect for your daily or evening activities.

Lately, however, the "Wavy look" has become quite popular. Made with Mongolian virgin hair it is making the rounds of beauty salons and spas all across America. Made famous by the girls in Rio seen during the 2016 Olympics, many women today admire the length and body.

As a result, demand has increased markedly and you yourself should see the various stylings that your hairdresser offers that can change your entire look. One you’ve had the weave put in, people will stop and do a double-take, as they're not sure but there’s different about you when you go to work.

That's the power that this hair weave wields for your hair's beauty, body, and fullness. You look years younger and people will hardly recognize you and want to know your secret.

However, a word to the wise, keep them guessing. Leave them wondering and scratching their heads.



Loose Wave Weave Details

With This hairstyle type, the curls are packed tighter. Again, this style of weave is seen frequently with women of color. This opens up entirely new venues for styling and length. Today much longer hairstyles by the name of the game and while flat straight black hair look good with some. It's not for everyone. That's why the loose wavy weave has become more fashionable and is a direct competitor for the "Deep Wave." Glistening ringlets of ebony hair falling to your waist is a fashion statement that few can pull off naturally.

However, using a weave it becomes simple; you can get these weaves in any length from 3 inches to 3 feet. With this variety of length, you can do layering and hairstyles that most people wouldn't dare to try with their natural hair.

However, using the wave weave you open up the world of hair fashion and make it your own. You are only limited by your imagination and the skills of your hairdresser. But, this may no longer be the case as home styling tools have advanced to where placing your own weaves can be as easy as doing a permanent in the home. Hair tape, micro rings, and almost all of the other weave attachment methods have come to the home salon.

With the popularity of the Mongolian style at this time, the Loose Wave Weave has become a fashion trend that has a long way to go before it peaks out. Clothes designers were quick to jump on the bandwagon. This fall's fashions are especially suited for this style of hair. But, if your hair doesn't have sufficient volume and body, it would be difficult for you to wear what's coming into vogue soon. With the Loose Wave Weave, however, you can easily wear the latest in casual, dinner, and high-fashion wear.



Deep Wave Weave Details

 For the woman of color who's tired of the straightening and the use of creams and oils in an attempt to match their peers. Why not go with the Deep Weave Weave. With this, style your hair as the appearance of fullness and a volume that changes your entire appearance. You also can wear the longer hairstyles. Shoulder length and longer weaves made from the finest virgin Mongolian hair, which has that natural wave and curl to it without treatment. Indian and Asian hair requires a large amount of processing in order to take it from the straight look that once was the standard for hair weaves to today's curly weaves.

Today, women are tired of going along with the crowd and curl is back in fashion. Human hair from certain districts in Brazil has the look you want naturally and without processing. In fact, many women of other ethnic origins have seen the Mongolian girls of all skin colors sporting this hair and they want it too as well. So now, it's a race to see who has the best looks.

In any case, you will look gorgeous and those around you will see the real you.

Whether at dinner, dancing at your favorite club, and in the office having a fuller and lengthier body of hair shows confidence, determination, and a no-nonsense look that shows you are someone to be taken seriously.

However, with a quick flip of the head, you can show the mischievous and playful side of your personality. This weave can stay in for weeks depending on how you have it attached to your regular hair.

Again, the fusion technique lets you keep the weave in place for up to 2 to 3 months before having to have it repositioned. The spiral curls that it imparts to your hair add body and you appear to have much more hair than ever before.

This allows you to dress in the fashions that are now chic and in style. Nevertheless, even in business attire, you have "The Look."




Straight Weave Details

Looking for a very straight, simple hair weave, that is silky smooth, and is thick from top to bottom? Well our straight weave will do just the trick. This weave is made to be very versatile as well. You can curl and straighten for an array of looks. Check out more details and pricing by following the link below.


Natural Hair Weave


Looking for straight hair, but you want something with a little more volume, and maybe a subtle wave? If you said yes, then the Natural Hair Weave is your go to. This weave sports a nice natural straight look. The best part of this weave is that the maintenance is very low. You can do a wash and go, and the weave will look like its natrual self.