Curly Weave

  • For USA and Canadian clients, all orders will be received within 2 to 7 business days
  • For other countries, time of delivery will vary
  • Price is for one bundle
  • 2 - 2.5 bundles is required for full head under 16"
  • 2.5 - 3 bundles is required for full head over 16"
    1. Material: 100% Mongolian Virgin human hair (This quality of hair is only available in the high end markets, due to their ability to naturally blend with your own hair).
    2. Usage: Can be cut, blow dired, straightened like normal hair
    3. Life Span: Can Last from 9 to 12 Months, if cared for properly

Curly Weave Details


With our curly weave you can obtain interchangable hair styles. We chose to use. With this weave you already have the curled look so you do not have to curl it but if you do want to reach tighter curls you can by all means do whatever you feel is necessary. This weave provides a natural shine and is smooth and thick to the touch.

This hair is made from real virgin Mongolian hair. So feel free to dye, bleach, straighten, curl blow dry etc... as this hair quality is designed to withstand harsh elements. Taking care of this weave is easy, you need to make sure you shampoo & condition the weave once a week and keep it brushed so you can avoid tangle issues. This curly weave is also designed to be very light, so the weave feels very light and breezy when in use.

You can purchase this weave in an array of colors. If you want a weave that will last you for up to a year and remain silky, smooth with full thickness this will be the best investment you ever make. If you want to see what other weave options we have in our store you can make your way over to our weave catalogues in the menu navigation, or check out related weave textures, such as the kinky curly weave on our home page

How To Care for Your Curly Weave

Infographic on how to care for your curly weave


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